Panic Attacks

Managing panic attacks using Emotional Freedom Technique is both a natural and safe way to overcome anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia and social anxiety.

  Physical symptoms:

  •     Racing or pounding heart
  •     Difficulty breathing
  •     Choking
  •     Sweating
  •     Shaking
  •     Flushing
  •     Chest pains
  •     Light headiness
  •     Nausea
  •     Fear of losing control
  •     Tingling or numbness in the hands
  •     Fear of dying of a heart  attack or stroke
  •     Fear of something horrible about to happen
  •     Fear that this time is real

The problem with panic attacks is the more you have them, the more you fear you will have them, therefore .......the more you will have them.

The greatest fear to recognize is the fear of the panic attack. It is the fear that can keep you a prisoner in your home, just waiting for the next attack to come.The fear can keep you from making plans to enjoy you life.

If you really think about it no body has ever died from a panic attack.

But it can be very frighting , enough so that you will end up at the doctors or emergency room.

Of course the medical approach is with drugs and this may seem like a good alternative to you. If it works then by all means try it. Some people respond well to drug therapy and some do not.

Make yourself feel better and get checked out medically, once you know you are physically strong,

EFT can help you with the underlying issues

Let me help get your life back to normal